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Automobile Alley 
Coffee Slingers, Urbane, Allied Arts, Brother Advertising, Cardinal Engineering, Senator Lankford, Vox Audio, Reelect Senator Lankford, Rawhide, Provision Concepts, Prodigal Soccer, The Womb and Wayne Coyne, Iguana, Sara Sara, Shop Good, Po Boy, SB Hamburgers, Oklahoma Arts Institute – Quartz Mountain.
Plaza District Sweet 16 DNA, Pie Junkies, Empire Pizza;

Plaza District Shopping Center Dig It, Yoga, Folklife, Blue Mountain Health, Well Beauty, Changing Table, Midwife, Stone & Harper, Tree and Leaf, Reference Point, Rally, Pritchard Wine Bar, Graphite, District House, Parish Church, Bad Grannies, Scorecards, Plaza Walls

1200 Penn Shopping Center Alibis, Fitzgerald Barbor, Muse Tatoo, Studio Twelve, Current Studio 1/2/3, Rafitas

4th and Francis 38,000 sf of emptiness that will fill in sooner than later
Yale Theater in Capitol Hill new roof, HVAC, front façade completion spring, 2017

Chair oversight commission for $245M State Capitol Renovation

Parts of our metroplex would benefit from stronger, overlapping spheres of influence to expedite economic and community growth.

Areas with strong spheres of influence will develop & grow at an increased rate.